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Sticky Spoons Jam

Peach Lemonade Jam - 8oz

Peach Lemonade Jam - 8oz

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Sweet peaches mixed with the tartness of freshly juiced lemons. It’s summertime in a jar. Capture the essence of summer with Sticky Spoons' Peach Lemonade Jam – an 8oz jar of refreshing delight! Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of sweet peaches and the invigorating tartness of freshly juiced lemons. This jam is a burst of summertime in every jar, ideal for spreading on toast, enhancing desserts, or adding a zesty twist to your culinary creations. Elevate your taste experience with a jar that encapsulates the vibrancy of summer – shop now for Peach Lemonade Jam excellence!

Please note that we have a no return policy due to our products being food based.

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